Short film about a milkman’s child and paternity fraud – by Florian Wehking

Germany / Filmlet – Florian Wehking – Paternity Fraud – The 19 min. filmlet ‘Tomorrow we’ll have fish’ by Florian Wehking tells the story about 11-year old Finn, who has learned that his dad is not his biological father. His parents are divorced and experience the usual fights about visitation and parenting. His relationship with his mother’s new partner is also not optimally and one day it escalates ….

What do you think about this filmlet? What are your impressions?

More about this filmlet and Florian Wehking on the filmlet-website and on his facebookpage.


About Maximilian Schneider

In the beginning of 2011 I found out that I am not the biological father of my beloved child. Shocked as I was I started looking around for help in the real world and here on the internet. But there wasn't any help to be found. Instead I started a blog myself, so that from now on others out there in my situation were not alone anymore. It started in German for Germany, Austria and Switzerland and soon became a port for the betrayed children too, which have to find out who they are and how to act with their mothers, the social fathers and maybe even now with their biological fathers. So here I am now for English speaking people like you, too. Get in contact, ask me what ever you care about or just tell me your own story.
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