England – Gay sperm donor told to pay for ‘his’ daughters

Relax – “he” will have to pay eventually

Great Britain – England / Child support – sperm donation – A British gay man lived a content life before he was contacted suddenly by the Child Support Agency (CSA), demanding he start paying £26 ($41, €32) a week for two children he technically fathered over a decade ago. Mark Langridge from Essex didn’t want children, but his lesbian friends did – so he agreed to donate his sperm. Now his ‘act of kindness’ has come back to haunt him 13 years later, after he received a letter demanding child support payments.

The 47-year-old had not seen the family he helped out of kindness create since 2004, he was not named on the birth certificates of the two children and played no role in their upbringing. Now Langridge was asked by the CSA to pay up. Payments will add up to £8,000 (€9960) before both children reach adulthood.

Langridge has been in a relationship with his partner Shaun Keeble, 37, for 17 years, and a few years ago have entered a civil partnership.

‘Me and Shaun were not interested in having children of our own. When the idea of donating sperm was suggested, we thought it sounded like a lovely thing to do. But the last few months have been a complete nightmare.”
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This article also exists in German. Diesen Artikel gibt es auch in Deutsch. England – Schwuler Samenspender wird nach 13 Jahren von lesbischer Mutter auf Unterhalt verklagt


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3 Responses to England – Gay sperm donor told to pay for ‘his’ daughters

  1. gpcox says:

    The technology of today has caused many legal and moral issues to arise that no one ever thought they would need to think about.

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