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State of Michigan demands man pay 30.000$ for child that’s not his

Detroit – Michigan – Paternity Fraud – For the past 28 years, a Detroit man has owed child support for a child he never fathered. Carnell Alexander didn’t learn of the child until 1991 when a police officer called him … Continue reading

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Paternal discrepancy – Research shows that it’s a lot more common than we might believe

USA – paternity fraud – children / statistik – studies – Are you raising another man’s child? Paternal discrepancy is a phenomenon that is more common than we all might believe. After reviewing 67 studies on the subject, University of … Continue reading

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British Court awards devoted father £25K for bereavement after being tricked into believing children were his own

Paternity fraud – England – Cambridgeshire – Peterborough – compensation – DNA tests Richard Rodwell, 46, from Peterborough who discovered that the son and daughter he raised into their teenage years were not his has been awarded £25,000 in damages after … Continue reading

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Topeka sperm donor case – politically motivated?

The Kansas Department for Children and Families – Foto: © Nikopoley USA – Kansas – Topeka /William Marotta – Kansas Department for Children and Families A sperm donor of Topeka, Kansas who had helped a lesbian couple conceive a baby-girl … Continue reading

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England – Gay sperm donor told to pay for ‘his’ daughters

Great Britain – England / Child support – sperm donation – A British gay man lived a content life before he was contacted suddenly by the Child Support Agency (CSA), demanding he start paying £26 ($41, €32) a week for … Continue reading

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‘I wish I had never found out’- Paternity fraud victim Matthew Edwards reveals how he was deceived

Great Britain – England – Greater Manchester – Bredbury / Paternity Fraud – Daily Mail – Matthew Edwards – ‘I still can’t believe any of it has happened, and I don’t know what to do next. How can it be … Continue reading

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