I asked my mother on her deathbed – chronicle from Rachel

rachel photo from two eggs of a cuckoo in a net of other birds

The photo shows two cuckoo bird eggs in another birds nest, in New Zealand. The two eggs showed up in the nest just before I arrived in New Zealand last year.

Canada – Alberta – Calgary / The Netherlands – Amsterdam / Paternity Fraud – Biologic Father – I was born in 1951 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. My mother was German and my legal father was Dutch.

When I was three, my parents, my older brother and I immigrated to Canada. It was 1954. In 1955, seven months after our immigration, my second brother was born. Four years later, in 1959, a third brother was born. We all grew up in Calgary, Alberta.

When I was 21, my parents and two younger brothers moved to Victoria, British Columbia. In 1977, when I was 26, my second brother died in a car accident. He was 22. We were very close and I was heartbroken. Not long after, my legal father died, in early 1980. It was a tragic time for my family.

I had stayed in Calgary, attended university, and earned three degrees. In the latter part of 1980, I married a successful lawyer. My mother was very happy about it.

Seven years later, in 1987, my marriage to the lawyer had come apart. My mother was on an extended visit to Europe to visit her relatives and when she came back, I told her of my decision to Continue reading

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